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Time for some comic links! And other business.

So... my current relationship has had an interesting effect on me. I have become... cuddly. Unusually cuddly. And my mushy level has honestly increased. It's bizarre and frankly unsettling. An old theory is that I am likely a romantic very, very deep down. It's just covered by a thick, almost impenetrable protective layer of cynicism, sarcasm, pessimism and the remnants of my freakish dating life. That being said, I loved this xkcd comic. I wonder why? :P

On another note.
This Questionable Content comic amused me. It's more applicable for a friend then for me personally, but the last panel cracks me up.

In regards to previous posts, the political situation in Canada has taken a few more interesting twists. I can't wait for the break when I get to sit and figure out what the hell is going on. It was prorogued? Dion did what? Rae made a push for the leadership? Rae conceded when? What?!?! Crazy.

Also, I've got to figure out what control lets me identify who comments. If you do not have a lj account, please sign your comment! Does anyone know  who the heck it is who commented on the craigslist post? Cause until I figure that out, that comment is just creepy as all get out. I understand BDSM and realize I may have friends with related interests, but unless that person lets me know what was intended by the comment, it will be considered trolling and be deleated. And for the record, yes, I suspect Craigslist could have something in that market. Not that I want to know about it though!

That's all for now. Take care and hang in there!


If you go to "manage comments" under "manage accounts", you can log IP addresses and/or prohibit anonymous posts. Personally, I have it log IP addresses for anonymous posts and screen all comments from people not on my friends list.
Thanks! Settings changed. :)